Frequently Asked Questions


1. How much cremains do I need to send for a Cremulet?
We require only a very small amount of cremains-- a teaspoonful is sufficient to make up to 5 Cremulets. That way you can, for example, scatter your loved one's ashes in a favorite place and still retain a small amount to keep in a Cremulet. We return any unused cremains to you and you can be assured that they are treated with the utmost respect and care while in our possession.

2. I feel uneasy about opening the cremains container I received from the funeral home. What should I do?
If you have any concerns at all about this just mail us the entire container you received from the funeral home and we'll take care of opening it, take out enough ashes for your Cremulet and ship it back to you with your Cremulet.

3. How long does it take to make a Cremulet?
It usually takes us about two weeks from the time that we receive the cremains. Sometimes it may take a little longer if, for example, you want us to do an elaborate customization. In any case we'll stay in constant email contact with you to let you know how your Cremulet is progressing.

4. What if I want a special design or color that I don't see on your sample page?
This is not a problem-- since every Cremulet is handcrafted individually we can work with you so that you get the shape, design and colors that you want. Many people have special requests, so we are used to making a huge variety of styles.
Unless it's extremely elaborate, customizing costs the same as a regular design. And we'll make sure everything is exactly the way you want it. Email us at

5. Can I have more than one person's or pet's cremains put into a single Cremulet?
Yes indeed. This is no problem for us to do.

6. How should I pack and ship the cremains (ashes) to you?
You'll find complete instructions on how to do this on the Instructions page.

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