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 Cremulets are designed and made by Kate Saunders of Lewis Creek Glassworks, a small art glass studio on the Oregon Coast.

 Kate, who has been a fused glass artist for many years, first began to make Cremulets when her parents passed away within a short time of each other. Kate wanted to scatter their cremains in some of their favorite places, but she also wanted to hold onto a little bit as a more lasting memorial.

 Since glass was Kate's medium she thought about fusing a tiny amount of cremains in glass, and discovered a way to make amulets, pendants and simple keepsakes that are exquisitely beautiful, wearable and a tasteful, fitting memorial.

 Her mother's Irish Setter, Bridget, provided the cremains for many experiments with different kinds of glass, colors and designs.

 When Kate began to wear her Cremulets or display them at home they attracted a lot of notice, and soon word-of-mouth brought many requests for Cremulets of all kinds-for the cremains of family members, friends, and pets. They are now a large part of Lewis Creek Glassworks' business, bringing comfort and joy to many.

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